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Animal Toothbrush Cover

Make brushing fun!

DenTek Fun Animal Toothbrush Covers make brushing fun for children while teaching healthy oral care habits for life and hygienically storing your kids toothbrush.

Our Toothbrush Cover fits most toothbrushes and allows for proper ventilation to help keep your childs toothbrush free of dirt and germs

  • Hygienically stores toothbrushes
  • Opens easily; Closes securely
  • Firmly suctions to mirrors or glass

Instructions for Use

Opening the cover:

  • Use your finger to open the tummy of the cover.

Concealing the Toothbrush;

  • Put the toothbrush head in the tummy until it rests on the back.

The cover will effortlessly close around the toothbrush.

Using the Toothbrush;

  • Gently pull the toothbrush out of the cover as the tummy opens.


Wash in warm, soapy water; rinse clean.


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