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Platinum Dental Guard

Protect your teeth from night-time teeth grinding (Bruxism).

Sleep better knowing your teeth are protected from bruxism and night-time teeth grinding with a DenTek Platinum Dental Guard.

Reduce damage to teeth and prevent noise associated with teeth grinding.

The DenTek Platinum Dental Guard adjusts to fit the LOWER and UPPER teeth WITHOUT the need to heat and form it. There are 5 positions for band length adjustment on each side of the dental guard, and 3 positions for band height.



  • Cushioned bite pad
  • Soft and flexible strip
  • Contoured bumpers for comfort
  • Two way adjustable band
  • BPA & Latex free
  • No need to heat and mould

Instructions for Use


For Best Results:

  • Multiple dental guards SHOULD NOT be worn at the same time.
  • Read and follow the dental guard fitting instructions.
  • If you need assistance, email us at and one of our trained team members will help you.
  • It may take time for you to adjust to wearing the dental guard, so begin wearing it one hour before you go to sleep.


  • Rinse the dental guard in warm water.
  • Begin by test fitting your dental guard. The dental guard is currently in the smallest position. Place on your lower or upper teeth and bite down, making sure to cover at least one molar but not extending past your last molar. Use a mirror to determine that the bite pad reaches at least one molar.
  • If the dental guard doesn't cover at least one molar, follow the instructions for adjustment


  • To adjust the dental guard band length, slide the molar pad front to back. You will feel a "stop” when you have reached different adjustment positions. Repeat on the other molar pad so that both the right and left pads are aligned
  • To adjust the dental guard band height, tilt the band up and down to the most comfortable position. The band will position itself into one of three available positions.
  • Test fit the dental guard again to determine if at least one molar is covered and that it does NOT extend past your last molar on each side. If the dental guard still does not cover at least one molar, try the next notch back on both sides. There are five adjustment positions to achieve the perfect fit.
  • There is a built in stop that will not allow the molar pads to move past the first adjustment position or the last adjustment position. Once you have found the correct adjustment position, your dental guard is ready to wear.


NOTE: DO NOT force the molar pads further forward on the band. DO NOT bend or flex the front band too much as it may show wear marks or become deformed.


Cleaning & Care:

After each use, brush your dental guard with toothpaste and/or mouthwash. Or, clean your guard weekly with a denture cleansing tablet.  Allow tablet to complete fizz soaking 10-15 minutes. Never rinse or soak in hot water as it could alter the shape of your dental guard.


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