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Thin Set Cap & Crown Cement

Repair Loose Caps and Crowns

Thin Set Cap & Crown Cement is a temporary remedy meant to replace a lost cap or crown until you have a chance to visit your dentist.

This product is recommended for:

  • Loose caps and crowns
  • Temporary use


Instructions for Use

Use:  Temporarily secures caps, crowns, laminates.  Seek professional dental advise within 48 hours.

Caution:  Do not use if there is infection, throbbing pain, ulceration, or swelling and consult a dentist immediately.  This product should not be placed on open wounds.  READ ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USE! Wash and dry hands.  Use only what is needed to repair the dental emergency.  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


  • Test fit the dental restoration securely on the tooth surface.  Without a secure fit, DO NOT PROCEED.
  • Rinse the tooth area and inside of the restoration area with warm water.
  • Dry area with the cotton swab.
  • Use wooden applicator stick to mix equal portion of content of Part A and Part B onto plastic part of package.  Mix until smooth consistency is achieved.  NOTE:  AT THIS POINT YOU HAVE 1 MINUTE TO PLACE DENTAL WORK IN YOUR MOUTH BEFORE CEMENT BEGINS TO HARDEN.
  • Place Thin Set evenly inside the dental restoration with applicator.
  • Place the restoration on clean, dry tooth and gently bite down.
  • Hold dental work in place for 2 minutes for Thin Set to set.
  • Use a toothbrush to gently clear any excess material from the restoration once the cement begins to harden.
  • Use dental floss 30 minutes later to clean the restoration.
  • Avoid chewing for 1 hour to allow material to set.  Thin Set will begin to harden but will not completely set for 1 hour.

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